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The Membership Program has been specifically engineered for: Self-Coached Athletes and Athletes on a Budget!


Endurance Sports University has been recognized by our self-coached athletes for providing professional coaching oversight and guidance on their self-developed training program.

Unlike other programs that provide membership without coaching, we focus on our members as individuals, providing the guidance, accountability, training program and support they need to set new PR’s every time.


Endurance Sports University has been recognized by its athletes that are on a budget as experts in providing professional coaching oversight with a training program and expert guidance when questions come up.

Unlike other membership programs, we focus on our members as individuals, and provide the program, tools, support and accountability they need to set new PR’s every time.



The M-PRO couldn't be any more simple to use! After you click the button below and register, one of our coaches will get in touch with you almost immediately to setup your initial consultation. During that consultation, we will dig into you as an athlete, look into your goals, your race schedule, your current levels of fitness and more. With that info, we'll be able to assist you in choosing the correct training plan that will be loaded into a Training Peaks account (existing account of new account for you). After the initial consultation, you will receive the following services below!
The Endurance Sports University M-PRO includes all of the following services:
  • Training plan of your choice (4-week blocks)
  • Monthly consultation with an ESU coach
  • Private Facebook Group with weekly accountability
  • Weekly coaching tips and motivation
  • Access to private articles, videos and MP3's
  • Training Peaks Account
  • Sponsor Discounts
  • Exclusive Perks and Discounts

4-Week Subscription
4-Week Subscription
4-week subscription to the Endurance Sports University Membership Program
Perfect for Self-Coached Athletes!
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The Membership Program (M-PRO) is a monthly commitment. It can be canceled at any time with thirty (30) days written notice (email, letter, fax, etc...). If you are not satisfied within the first month, you can opt-out of the second month without a 30-day notice.